Mon – Fri 11:30 – 15:00

89,-Vegetarian Menu
Dal - lentils, sabji – mix veg, rice or chapati, raita - spicy yogurt

110,-Non-vegetarian Menu
Chicken in a souce, sabji – mix veg, ice or chapati, raita

Dal – lentils, sabji – mix veg, chicken in souce, shahi paneer, rice, naan, raita

110,-Shahi Paneer Menu
Homemade cheese cooked in creamy butter and tomato saice, naan or rice

110,-Palak Paneer Menu 
Deliciously cooked spinach with homemade cheese, naan or rice

135,-Chicken Tikka Masala Menu
Chicken tikka (pieces of chicken baked in a tandoor oven) cooked in a classic, rich, onion-tomato and coriander sauce with cream, naan or rice

135,-Butter Chicken Menu
Chicken tikka (pieces of chicken baked in a tandoor oven) cooked in a creamy, tomato sauce with butter, naan or rice

135,-Chicken Curry Menu
Chicken cooked indry masala, cardamom, raisinds in a raditional way, naan or rice

199,-Lamb Roghan Josh Menu
Juicy pieces of lamb cooked in a rich onion-tomato gravy with an exotic Indian masala, naan or rice

199,-Losos Fish Curry Menu
Pan-fried fillet of salmon simmered in a tangy onion-tomato gravy, naan or rice

Special lunch drinks

25,-Indian Masala Tea

30,-Mango juice 0,2l



40,-Banana shake

25,-Lassi 0,3l (salt, sweet)

According to daily offer vegetarian soup, salat or desert for free!